For Entrepreneurs who are ready to bust through Procrastination

Get More of the Right Things Done Quicker Without Working Longer Hours

Discover in the

Procrastination Buster

  • The truth about why we procrastinate and how to game the system to work in our favor.

  • Identify hidden fears and obstacles to motivation that cause self-sabotage.

  • 3 methods to complete tasks which have been avoiding or put off.

  • The same Procrastination Buster model that entrepreneurs from all over the world are now using to beat procrastination…


WHAT IS Procrastination Buster?

Procrastination Buster is a counterintuitive approach to beating procrastination, that allows entrepreneurs to overcome procrastination without powering through and without depleting their willpower.

It makes it easier to take the actions that an entrepreneur wants to take.

We achieve this by cutting procrastination at the root cause level without using the common forced approach of "Just Push Through It".

And as a result...this frees the business owner up to get a lot more of the right things done  - this is Procrastination Buster.

Procrastination Buster IS A SHORTCUT

Before I created Procrastination Buster - I was on the verge of giving up.

I felt like I was going around in circles, taking one step forward and then two steps back. I was taking action on and off like a yo-yo, but never the right action and never consistently.

I was constantly looking for a new approach and new opportunities.

I was distracted.

The work for my day job was getting done, but by the time I'd finished that I had little energy left to focus on building my business.

As a result, I couldn't built momentum and I never managed to generate more than a few hundred dollars from my business.

I realized, that if I kept going down this road that I'd never build a successful business.

So I started to question the things I learned.

The rules I was taught.

And the processes I used. I decided I needed to create a new way.

So I took all my experience from the software industry, my ability to focus and my ability to keep the teams that I managed focused and productive.

All my mistakes, experience, and lessons, and I started testing…and testing… and testing.

And finally it worked… I starting taking consistent action, on the things that moved the needle.

I was focused and productive and was starting to build some momentum,.

Most importantly, as a result, I was able to replace my employment income with income from my business.

It took me years of testing and heartache to come up with Procrastination Buster and start living as a focused action taker in my business.

Today I want to give back to those who are held back as entrepreneurs due to procrastination to help them simply achieve outcomes faster using a step by step process instead of figuring it out on their own.

For only $197 you get the entire Procrastination Buster along with two incredible bonuses.



Procrastination Deep Dive Call

We'll take stock of what's been causing procrastination on business activities to this point, and we'll create a tailored strategy to set to become a focused action taker moving forward.


Action Blueprint

Transform that project that's been put off into a step-by-step action plan with this guided blueprint. Identify and make key decisions required to finally move forward. Get clarity on WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and WHEN to do it. And, discover non-intuitive and creative ways to complete it faster with greater ease.

What's included:


Step 1

Go through Procrastination Buster - find out what's causing procrastination and bust through it while greatly increasing motivation.


Step 2

Book a Procrastination Deep Dive Call - together we'll create a tailored strategy to bust through procrastination and start taking consistent action on important business activities.


Step 3

Use the Action Blueprint to get work done on the project - a step-by-step walk through to get a business project done that's been put off.

Those are the 3 steps to beat procrastination and start getting important business projects done on a consistent basis!

All of this is revealed in the 4 module Procrastination Buster course and in the step-by-step guided template in detail.

Making it a counterintuitive approach to overcoming procrastination for the entrepreneur seeking to become a highly focused and productive action taker.


Access The Course and 2 Bonuses For Just $197!

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Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee.


"Elisha delivered an eye-opening workshop for those of us who struggle with Procrastination. His step-by-step, interactive and scientifically researched approach, made all the difference for me as it gave me immediate insight into why my own reasoning to not get things done, is not valid at all. Added to this, Elisha gave immediate and practical solutions to get me going to achieve my goal as an entrepreneur. A highly inspiring workshop that I would recommend to any fellow Procrastinators out there."

Aletta de Winter, owner of DnA Consult


"Elisha’s Procrastination Buster is amazing in the many levels of insights and clarity you can utilize to banish limited thinking and procrastination. I walked away ever so grateful for my clear steps I can take. So if you are battling overwhelm and projects that are keeping you small, I highly recommend it to bust through your overthinking and procrastination."

Matt Nguyen DPM, CEO Kaizen Digital Solutions, LLC


Access The Course and 2 Bonuses For Just $197!


  • How do I access the course?

Access of the course is through an online portal.

  • What's the difference between the course content and the template content?

The course helps overcome blocks causing procrastination & increases different aspects of motivation. The template is a practical step-by-step guide to help complete a project.

  • What do I get in the Procrastination Deep Dive bonus call?

We'll do an audit to see what's causing procrastination and then create a tailored strategic plan to sidestep procrastination and take consistent action moving forward.

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